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Temporary Fencing for Gardens

Most homes across the UK have some kind of perimeter marker in the form of walls or fencing. It is the neat, simple, and hardwearing solution to keeping your home and garden boundary protected from intruders and increasing your privacy.

But what if you can’t fit traditional garden fencing yet? The solution is temporary garden fencing.

Tradefence temporary garden fencing

Here at Tradefence, we supply temporary fencing with large panels, measuring 3.5m x 2m, so you can be sure that your garden is going to be safe and secure from potential intruders.

Our range of sturdy fence feet raise the fence panel anywhere from 4-6 inches off the ground, ensuring that lawns or floors beneath the fence are free from disruption while keeping the garden secure. This makes them perfect for gardens wanting to limit damage or those who have raised ironworks or pipes in the area they need to separate off.


Who needs temporary garden fencing?

Temporary fencing for gardens is most popular with homeowners who are having construction or landscaping work completed in or around their property.

Also referred to as mobile fencing, temporary fencing gives homes further separation from other houses, keeps people out, and also means that children can still play safely in the garden without fear of them escaping!


Temporary garden fencing for new build properties

Similarly, those living in new build developments may not have permanent garden fencing while the construction of other houses is still underway.

Temporary fencing for gardens is therefore ideal for these homeowners, as they can still live in and use their new home and garden as normal, without the delays of waiting for permanent fencing to be installed.


Temporary garden fencing for events

If you are holding an event or party in your garden, you may want to consider temporary garden fencing.

Temporary fencing will keep specific areas off-limits from visitors and will stop curious guests from disrupting more delicate areas or those in receipt of restoration work.

Similarly, it will clearly show your guests where they should be and can even be decorated with faux flowers or bunting to keep the party feeling.


Is temporary fencing for gardens easy to use?

While designs may differ, a key feature of temporary fencing for gardens is its ease of use.

Specifically designed to be quick to install, weatherproof, and reusable, temporary garden fencing could be useful for many years to come.

Temporary fencing panels can be connected with traditional fencing clips or anti-tamper fencing clips to ensure that once erected, the panels cannot be moved by your average Joe.


Contact Tradefence for temporary fencing for gardens

We know how important keeping your property safe and secure is. As such, Tradefence prides itself on providing the best quality and value temporary fencing to ensure that you can keep your home secure, even throughout transitional periods.

For more information about our range of temporary garden fencing, including size and height ranges, feel free to call our friendly team today or drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Round-Top Temporary Heras Fence Set Round-Top Temporary Heras Fence Set
Standard Temporary Heras Fence Set Standard Temporary Heras Fence Set
Round-Top Temporary Heras Fence Panel Round-Top Temporary Heras Fence Panel
Standard Temporary Heras Fence Panel Standard Temporary Heras Fence Panel