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More about Temporary Heras Fencing

If you work in construction or events, you will be familiar with temporary fences.

As described in the name, temporary fencing is a non-permanent, easy-to-move and remove solution for when long- term solutions are not needed.

Also called temp fencing, it is predominantly used at construction sites and large events, to ensure the public is kept safe and to restrict entry to specific locations.

Temporary fencing for construction

At construction sites, temporary fences are essential as outlined in the Health and Safety Guidance 151 in the UK, which works in many ways to keep the general public and contractors safe.

This includes:

Keeping the public safe - stopping them from entering dangerous areas where they may be injured by the terrain, large machinery, falling debris etc.
Stopping theft- machinery and building materials are incredibly expensive and will be targeted by thieves if they can gain access to sites.
Sectioning off areas undergoing construction works

Temporary fencing for large events

Temporary fencing used at large events, like concerts or fairs is also about keeping spaces secure as well as guiding visitors around the site.

Some large events may be ticketed and as such, those without tickets are not permitted on the premises. Temporary fencing is very useful for keeping people away from areas they should not inhabit, for example, backstage or in staff-only areas.

Contact Tradefence for all of your temporary fencing needs

From round-top temporary fence panels to fencing gates suitable for vehicles and pedestrians, Tradefence has it all.

We also have a range of temp fencing accessories, including fence feet, fencing clips, and anti-tamper accessories to ensure you have everything you need to use temporary fences safely.

Simply add the items you need to your basket and enjoy our price match promise, which guarantees you always get the best price for your temporary fencing.

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