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More about Temporary Heras Fence Gates

If you work in construction or events, you will be familiar with temporary fences and temporary fence gates.

The temporary gate is a non-permanent, easy-to-move solution for providing access and egress points through temporary fencing.

Most often used at construction sites and large events, the temporary outdoor gate ensures entry and exit points are accessible and protected, while also showing queues of people the correct route to follow.

How do temporary fence gates work?

Temporary gates are the same height as temporary fencing to ensure sites stay secure, but are three times thinner on average.

Featuring latchpoles and a sliding latch, when used alongside a padlock and chain, they create a secure locking mechanism when the gate is not in use.

Temporary fence gates are quickly and easily installed within temporary fencing using standard fence feet and clips, meaning you already have everything you need to install them and won’t have to buy any more product-specific parts.

Temporary fence gates for construction sites

At construction sites, temporary fencing is essential, as outlined in the Health and Safety Guidance 151 in the UK. However, without the use of a temporary gate, access could be hazardous.

Instead of leaving a panel out to allow entry and exit, which renders temporary fencing unnecessary and potentially wobbly, temporary fence gates safely provide access points for authorised site personnel.

The smaller width of a temporary outdoor gate ensures that personnel access sites in an orderly manner and ensure that workers are looking where they are going, resulting in fewer on-site accidents.

It also means that oversized building materials or equipment cannot be carried across sites, ensuring designated equipment is not misplaced or borrowed, therefore preventing delays on projects and possible accidents.

Temporary fence gates for large events

Temporary fencing used at large events, like concerts or fairs, is also required to keep spaces secure and guide visitors around the site.

A temporary gate is the safest way to allow authorised visitors safe access while keeping others out.

Similarly, it provides a low-cost alternative to hiring ticket turnstiles.

As we become more environmentally aware as a nation, the number of paper tickets in use is reduced. Temporary outdoor gates are a simple and inexpensive way for staff to check tickets and keep those without valid tickets out of the premises.

The mesh design also makes it ideal for hanging signs that visitors need to read before they enter, such as outlining restricted items or providing payment information.

Contact Tradefence for your temporary fence gates

Alongside our range of temporary fencing, our temporary outdoor gate and coordinating accessories, including fence feet and fencing clips, will ensure that your location stays safe, compliant, and secure.

If you need more advice about temporary fence gates or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us, or drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.