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Temporary Fencing for Festivals

If you work at or attend large events, you will be familiar with temporary fences.

Temporary festival fencing is a non-permanent, fast solution for when long- term solutions are not necessary.

Predominantly used in large events, festival fencing helps to ensure the public is kept safe and restricts unauthorised entry during private occasions.

Festival fencing for large events

Temporary festival fencing is used at large events, like concerts, festivals, and fairs, bringing multiple benefits to both event staff and guests.

Keeping festivals secure

For large, ticketed events, festival fences are essential.

Not only are they crucial for only admitting ticket-holding guests, but they are very useful for keeping people away from areas they should not inhabit, like backstage or staff-only areas.

Keeping spaces and events secure ensures that only ticket holders can attend and more importantly, ensures that events do not become overcrowded, which can be extremely dangerous, and sometimes fatal.

Ensuring festivalgoers are moving in the right direction

Alongside stopping overcrowding, keeping visitors flowing around the site stops bottlenecks and makes the event much more enjoyable for all attending.

Huge crowds of people in one location can be very difficult for security staff to manage and can easily escalate. As such, using festival fencing can create narrower corridors and waiting spaces, which dissuades groups of people from stopping and then causing blockages.

Admitting ticketholders

Temporary festival fencing can be used alongside temporary fence gates to create low-cost, energy-free turnstiles.

Not only can these restrict access at main entry points, but they can also section off and limit entry to smaller areas, such as, celebrity meet and greets, festival bars, and backstage areas.

Can temporary fencing be decorated?


The height of festival fencing and the mesh design makes temporary festival fencing ideal for hanging signs or other decorations.

The height of festival fences, with fence feet, is around 2.15 metres, or 215 cm, while the average height of a UK male is around 1.75 metres or 175 cm.

This means that there is over half a meter of visible space above the heads of festivalgoers, perfect for advertising, providing information, or decorating.

How do I attach signage or decoration to festival fencing?

Large events such as fairs, circuses, and festivals frequently want to utilise bunting and outdoor advertisements to brighten up festival spaces.

They may, however, be unsure of how to attach them without causing damage. Luckily, the mesh design of festival fences works well with zip ties or wire, both of which can be used and removed without causing damage to the décor or the fence panel.

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