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More about Chapter 8 Barriers

Traffic barriers are essential for managing, moving, and directing traffic and blocking unauthorised access.

Designed to be eye-catching, easy to stack and transport, and sturdy, Chapter 8 traffic barriers are a common sight on UK roads, motorways, and driveways, and command the respect of UK road users.

Uses of Chapter 8 traffic barriers

Traditionally, traffic barriers are used to either control the flow of traffic or cease road traffic completely.

While the reasons for this control may vary, general reasons include:


Road closures

Natural obstacles such as trees, bridges, abutments, etc.

Adverse weather, including storm damage and flooding

Carriageway separation

Protection of specific safety zones, including schools or building sites

No matter the reason traffic barriers are needed, Chapter 8 barriers from Tradefence offer interlocking, tamper-proof protection and ensure that hazards for road users are kept separate from the main flow of traffic.

Keeping drivers safe and separate on UK roads.

Chapter 8 traffic barriers: designed for road safety

Constructed from blow moulded HDPE, Chapter 8 traffic barriers are made of strong, sturdy and yet light high-density polyethene.

This gives them the integral strength to stand in adverse weather and withstand knocks and accidental damage, without being too heavy to move.

The high visible colour and rugged structure make traffic barriers noticeable in daylight, ensuring drivers have plenty of chance to stop before they reach the hazard.

The traffic barrier also has a patterned strip that features a repeating red and white pattern, reminiscent of the UK’s ‘No Entry’ traffic sign. This strip is attention-grabbing, making it noticeable during the day and is reflective, so vehicles passing near it at night will see it when it reflects light from oncoming headlights or fog lights.

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